Monday, November 8, 2010

How I became a rationalist....???????

                          How I became a rationalist....???????

I have asked this question umpteen number of times but till now i have not got any concrete answer....It's every day's fight within me..

Frankly speaking, i was an ardent desciple of god (4 me only one god existed by the name) till i was in 10th wn my capability to think independently devoid of other's impressions, or customs, traditions etc..etc..started developing..

I was watching an interview telecasted on Chandana tv way back in 1994 or 1995 with my mentor on rationalism, Dr. H Narasimhaiah ....(whom i call as "manasa guru") who was in his white dress with glaring eyes and exceptional thoughts on rationalism.....

I quote his words, " naavu yaavudannu vignaanikavaagi vichaara / prashne maadade oppikollabaradhu"
(meaning: we should not accept anything without due scientific reasoning).

He followed the same principle throughout his life untill his last breath.

Actually it did not change my mind or my life immediately or on that day but eventually " YES". It changed my way of thinking..

Slowly, I started questioning about the customs, traditions, blind beliefs, religious dogmas and other stuff...( luckily my mom was spared from all these questions...i used to ask them to myself...)
4 few ????s i used to get the answer nd 4 few i used 2 chk with other learned frns of mine or elders (albeit most of the times i used 2 be admonished 4 my thoughts)....

Later, as years passed, i was becoming more thoughful about things, practices, surrounding me....i started observing things in a more clear and thoughtful manner, but it was in Maharaja's degree college where i joined to do my graduation in Arts in Mysore in 1998
tat encouraged my rationalist thinking with the very famous rationalist Prof Ramdas teaching Kannada and i came to know more about Rationalism, rationalists and rational thinking..

It was here my concept of rationalism was nurtured to the core by my Professor M Vasanthamma with my other friends like Jayapal, Hari prasad and others. I gained new perspectives when i took social thought as an elective in sociology during my final year in graduation. This led me to see the social problems in a new and wider perspective.

Social thought was taken by my beloved Proffessor M Vasanthamma and she showed the world beyond us and our intellectual horizons became wide open....

Even to this day, i attribute my thinking and my questioning nature to be the gift of my Almamater Maharaja's degree college, Mysore.


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